Wild Nature Photography Podcast

29.12.2023 - Antarctica Wrap Up and 2023 Podcast Year in Review

December 29, 2023 Joshua Holko - M.Photog II Season 3 Episode 86
Wild Nature Photography Podcast
29.12.2023 - Antarctica Wrap Up and 2023 Podcast Year in Review
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Show Notes

In this podcast episode, I wrap up my 2023 Antarctica expedition with some initial thoughts on this incredible trip (full trip report coming soon), give my thoughts on a short scouting trip to Easter Island, and review the 2023 Podcast year. Although I did not squeeze in as many Podcasts as I would have liked in 2023, I managed to get a new episode out almost every two weeks with an average of 2.08 (much better than I first thought). The podcast was downloaded across a total of 67 countries over the course of the year, with the USA topping the charts for the most downloads. The most downloaded episode was the Ethical Use of Drones in Wildlife Photography, which was published on the 11th of July, 2023. Of course, I will be endeavouring to improve on those statistics in 2024 with more episodes with even higher quality content. In this episode, I also cover the recently published January 2024 edition of the UK's EOS magazine, which featured my photography on the front cover, as well as an extended feature on my Polar photography. Also recently published was a second feature on my photography in Food and Travel magazine.

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