Wild Nature Photography Podcast

28.10.2023 - When Serendipity Meets Technology

October 29, 2023 Joshua Holko - M.Photog II Season 3 Episode 83
Wild Nature Photography Podcast
28.10.2023 - When Serendipity Meets Technology
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Show Notes

I have just published episode #83 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. In this long overdue episode (apologies for the significant delay), I give my thoughts on two new Canon Lenses, the RF 10-20mm and the yet-to-be-officially-announced 200-800mm telephoto lens (look for the official announcement of this lens in the next few days). I also briefly discuss the new HDR feature in the latest version of Adobe Lightroom and the excellent new Point Colour / HSL local adjustment capability that is now available inside the individual masking tools in Lightroom. I also give my initial impressions of the 8th edition of the Bird Photographer of the Year annual book (includes three of my commended photographs) and Scott Portelli's new Antarctica book (reviews of both will be coming in future podcast episodes). Additionally, I provide details of my upcoming webinar for BenQ on post-production. This webinar will be held on the 8th of November and is free (you just need to register). I also discuss the main topic of this episode: what happens when serendipity meets technology and my experience photographing the European Pygmy Owl in near total darkness in northern Finland with the Canon EOS R3 and Canon RF600mm f4L IS USM lens. By way of preview, the European Pygmy Owl will be the November photograph of the month for 2023.

Adobe Lightroom HDR Feature Explanatory Note
Bird Photographer of the Year
BenQ Webinar on Post Production
European Pygmy Owl Photograph

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