Wild Nature Photography Podcast

27.04.2023 - The New Big Five Book Review

April 27, 2023 Joshua Holko - M.Photog II Season 3 Episode 72
Wild Nature Photography Podcast
27.04.2023 - The New Big Five Book Review
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Show Notes

I have just published Episode #72 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. In this episode, I review the all-new Big Five project photography conservation book. THE NEW BIG 5 brings together more than 165 of the world’s most outstanding photographers, conservationists, and experts in a mission not only to celebrate the beauty of the animal world but to raise awareness of the urgent issues facing the world’s wildlife. The book is written by New Big 5 project founder Graeme Green and contains 226 incredible wildlife photos of endangered species by 146 globally renowned photographers. Full disclosure; my photography is featured in the book. The New Big Five project is available to purchase from Amazon. Five out of Five stars.

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