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28.01.2023 - How to Get Published in Magazines

January 28, 2023 Joshua Holko AIPP M.Photog II Season 3 Episode 62
Wild Nature Photography Podcast
28.01.2023 - How to Get Published in Magazines
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I have just published Episode #62  of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast . In this episode, I briefly wrap up my two Mongolia expeditions for the Pallas Cat and Snow Leopard (Full Report on the Pallas Cat already published) and discuss in depth how to get published in magazines. Discussion includes shooting for magazines, giving yourself the best chance at scoring a cover shot, what you may or may not get paid, how to approach any magazine professionally, and why magazines are such a great platform to expand the audience for your work.

Pallas Cat of Eastern Mongolia in Winter - January 2024

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(Cont.) 28.01.2023 - How to Get Published in Magazines