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11.01.2023 - Rant! Qantas is an Australian Embarrassment

January 11, 2023 Joshua Holko AIPP M.Photog II Season 3 Episode 2
Wild Nature Photography Podcast
11.01.2023 - Rant! Qantas is an Australian Embarrassment
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Show Notes

I have just published Episode #61  of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. In this episode, I briefly wrap up our fantastic Pallas Cat expedition in the far east of Mongolia in Winter (full trip report coming soon) and then move on to a significant rant about the total lack of customer service and care from what is supposed to be Australia's number-one premier airline - Qantas. The total lack of customer support, lack of care, and total focus on profit at all costs is an embarrassment to Australia. I have been a Qantas Platinum flyer (a status that is apparently utterly worthless) for nearly ten years. I have spent many tens of thousands of dollars annually with the airline over the last decade. Today was the final straw, with Qantas providing me an unworkable connection time of just twenty minutes in Helsinki as their solution to a change in their flight schedules. Apparently, I am expected to land in Helsinki from Reykjavik and change to my international flight to Doha in twenty minutes. An absolutely impossible transit time. Their solution when I pointed this out was, I quote, 'We are sorry; that is all we can offer you. You can speak with the service desk when you arrive in Helsinki.' My answer is to vote with my wallet and take my business elsewhere. In summary, I am absolutely done with Qantas and will no longer book future travel with them if I can avoid it. Sayonara Qantas.

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